Timing Is Everything....in Dating         

Not Luck
Being At The Right Place At The Right Time Is The Key To Success, You Can Go Crazy Running Around Trying, or Just Understand Playing The Odds.
Both You and Mr or Ms Right need to know....
Both Interested,
and...Currently "Available" at the same time. and being there (right place, right time) to let them know......

Rest is easy.....

Divorced-Starting Over-Dating Again


 Timing Is Everything......in Dating

Play the Numbers, Make It Work For You.

Yes, I learned this lesson the hard way, several times. Finally sunk in.
One example is my experience in the Christmas Tree Lot business one season. Learned that after the 20th selling any Christmas trees still in stock was very difficult no matter how discounted you sold them. Then I learned that the 24th on if your really worked at it you could get some taken away for free..... On the 25th, you could not even give them away, there on you had to PAY to have them take them away, big time.
Another experience related, in northern Midwest, the first of August, several people wanted to buy my motorcycle apparently to go to the Sturgis Rally, and made some big offers.
I turned them down and tried to sell it in September, Nobody wanted to buy it with the winter season coming on and I got about half for it that I would have gotten for it when in big demand season, only a short time back.
You are in the same position in dating, and your marketability (demand) is dependant not as much on you, as on your timing, and being in the right place at the right time.
You may be at a big social function where there are a lot of opposite sex "unmarried" attractive prospects and none seem interested in you at all. Turns out they are all involved or working on getting involved with some one else there today.
Next weeks meeting you skip because this seems to be a waste of time for meeting significant others from your experience.
Bad decision, the next week several big "just right" prospects are no longer involved in trying to get something going with several other attendees that just did not work out that they had in their sights last week.

Now they are "available" would be interested in getting to know you but you are not there. Last week was just "bad" December 26th Christmas tree timing.

Watch your dog... they will go thru the group and seek some attention and pets.
Only a couple will give them some attention and pets. Next week the dog will try everyone again, not hold any grudges that you weren't interested last week and try you again.

In contrast you wont try to get something going with certain people this week because they were not much interested last week. The TIMING is different this week and a lot has changed.

Dr. Bach, who wrote several relationship books, told me that he had his college students interview people in what they considered "big relationships" and that 80% of them told his interviewers that they had no interest in each other the first time they met.

One of the reasons for this may have been "timing'. That each or at least one of you (or both at time of first meeting) had something else (other prospect) (or relationship going) on the front burner.

Later, often much later, when both of you have nothing on the front burner you can and likely "click". Nothing much different, just timing.

Problem is you wont try again because you have already "been rejected' by that person.
You need to keep letting them know you are still interested, and one day the "timing may be right".

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