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  • You must be single by divorce, widowed, separated, or never married to place a personal ad.
  • We reserve the right to reject ads not in keeping with the standards and format of Country Singles.
  • Deadline for written personals is generally the 10th of the month.  We must have a full name, street address, and/or phone number.
  • Advertisers are assigned a code number on a 12 month basis, as a service to respondents.   Only those who have not run an ad in 12 months or longer are assigned a new number.
  • Requests for unusual spacing, limited words in all CAPS, or other special setup must pay an additional fee for extra handling.  To ensure time for such handling, contact Country Singles before the 15th of the month for details.
  • Country Singles personals can be answered by mail for up to 11 months after they first appear.
  • Photos can be included with your ad free of charge and will increase response by 4 times or more....but you must send it in jpg format.
    Other formats or if we must also screen the photo include an additional $5.
  • Ads may be used in Country Singles promotional materials.
  • It is wise to include your age or age range, sex, height, weight, part of town or state, and interests in your ad.  Tell as much about yourself as you can, and include the qualities and interests you desire in a respondent (must be opposite sex).
  • Country Singles does not investigate any persons who place or respond to Single File ads, and assumes no responsibility beyond publication and delivery of responses.   All further communication is strictly between the parties involved.  The person to whom you write will contact you if they are interested (they are not obligated to answer, however).  We suggest meeting initially in a public place (perhaps for lunch or coffee).  Full names and addresses should NOT be exchanged until that time, and then only if and when both parties are comfortable disclosing that information.
  • We do not sell our mailing lists.
  • Country Singles reserves the right to reject ads we consider not in taste for our paper.

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