Coping As A Single Person Not Easy         

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 Coping As A Single Person Not Easy

Must Learn to Adapt With Changing World

The world is changing and you have to be recognizing that and learn to adopt and change right along with it. Most of us were not ready for divorce and were not prepared or expecting the difficulty in working through loss of a long term relationship.

It took a long time, too, for most of us who have gone through even the second time, to adjust even to the happening of second divorce. Do not think you ever get good at it, but at least the second time, you know you can survive it, whereas the first one, sometimes you are not so sure.

Those of us who have been through that second one, the more than once people, can tell you it is not as scary the second or even third time, but is always still difficult.

One lady told me you just buy a wash and wear wedding gown and "keep trying".

Actually, we have all long known the average marriage now is down around seven years, so if yours lasted longer then that, you were an exceptional, hang in there person.

The average living in one location (or home) is now down to less then that so people are not only changing relationships much more often, they are now in addition, much more likely to up rooting and moving, sometimes a long distance away.

Now, we have the latest "often surprise" uprooting, is loss of a long term job.

If you have been in a major job for a long term, (the longer the more upsetting to lose a job).

Like a divorce, this is one of the most upsetting and emotionally jarring, stressful event in our life. The stress can have detrimental effects on your health and we have ran many articles on this to help you handle it.

If you have a loss of a job, loss of a home (such as foreclosure) (or divorce, etc.) and loss of location (have to move away to find new job, etc. ) loss of a long term relationship, and have all this happen at once, you are in big hazardous "stress" how to handle all this emotionally, and not affect your health (or aging you prematurely).

We made an over ten year study, and still working at it 20 years later, on the subject of loss of a relationship, publish a newspaper on single life and many related web sites, such as Divorce Recovery and many others, including a talk board (Singles Talk where we all get together and talk about it,

My daughter, Janet Jacobsen, recently finished her Doctorate in communication and has been writing on these subjects, for over 20 years and still does two of our free online newsletters. (Country Singles and AZ Single Scene) and we still publish our newspaper, Country Singles in the Midwest, which she writes for, but have discontinued our 35 year AZ singles newspaper, Single Scene but still maintain the web site with singles events, etc. calendar, directory and articles. (AZ Single

The idea is that animals have to go through each learning experience from scratch, where as man can learn how to do something from those who did it before him.

Everybody it seemed, (back when we got into this,) was going through most of these trying experiences with no help from those who had gone through this, most of these people were those who only wanted to "forget it ever happened" as a bad experience.

We were sort of pioneers in the idea that if you learned what worked for others, you could work through these emotionally jarring experiences in a lot less time.

In divorce, we learned that most people took two years to get back to normal happy functioning life again, but if you understood it, and took the right steps, you could make the change in less then six months.

Now we have looked at the loss of a job, as almost identical to the adjustment you are going through in loss of a relationship.

We have started a web site called: Laid Off go, and a talk board on the subject, called: Laid Off talk We are starting to make a full time study of handling loss of a job and getting on to a new life with the least damage.

So if you are having trouble handling these major life changes (and challenges) do not feel you are alone. But do understand there are a lot of detours to watch out for and not get hung up, but also know there are some interstate freeways marked out to get on to a new, and even better life fast.

We are trying to be the road map publisher to help speed you on track to a new and better life, how to make lemonade when these life changes are giving you lemons.


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