Attending Singles Events

(c) Harlan Jacobsen

  • Events Open to All Singles Should You Attend?
Welcome to the world of single adult activities.

Feel free to attend any function we list In the Singles Activity calendar. You do not have to attend with a friend. (Taking a date to singles functions is like bringing along a Bologna sandwich to a banquet. If you choose to take along a friend (or a date) It's okay, however, Many are afraid to go to some event alone for fear that they may stick out like a sore thumb as 'an all alone.'

Actually the majority at these events arrive by themselves. It is, in fact, an advantage to go alone, then you spend all of your time getting acquainted with new people, rather than talking to the established friend all evening that you brought along.

We have personally attended many of these functions and can assure you that they are respectable, okay places for you to attend alone. (Singles report to us of any complaint about groups and, if justified, we drop them.) Single people do need other single people and these events provide a respectable way to develop these much needed new single friends of both sexes.

By reading the name of the sponsoring group in the calendar, you can then check their directory listing in this paper to see their age bracket, quantity that usually attend, etc. Give yourself a chance to develop new relationships of all types--try attending some of these events regularly.

You owe it to yourself.

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