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What you need to know about the personals

By Harlan Jacobsen
Meeting singles through our Personal ads in both our newspaper and online edition is a new combination concept for meeting people that apparently throws a few people when they encounter it. The first thing they ask is are they real people and do they get replies? Does the whole thing really work?

We can only answer, certainly this combination method works! 50% of your best prospects are not on the web. We have people say, 'Take my personal out; I can't handle anymore dating right now.' We have many who run a personal several months later when something breaks up. We have had singles who are regularly dating people they met through a personal and want to run one for a former spouse who is not faring as well.

You already know you cannot personally be where most singles are at any given time.

If you enjoy dating and meeting new people, then by all means answer some personals or, better yet, run your own ad. You cannot personally be where most other singles are at any given time. Running into or meeting the right one, if you ever do, is more often than not, pure happenstance. Now that's a pretty unreliable way to meet people in this day and age when everybody moves around a great deal and things change rapidly. Some of the busiest, most efficient and smartest singles in town (who know how to best use their time) use personal ads to meet other singles without a great deal of wasted time, effort, and money running here and there hoping they may accidentally run into someone with the same interests they have, someone compatible. You do not have to chose between the conventional personal in printed version and web site personals. A personal ran with us appears in both. 

Surprisingly, it is the high caliber, better educated, self-confident singles who do advertise in our Single personals combined printed and online edition.

Maybe you want to meet just one, that certain someone, someone to settle down with - then by all means run an ad, but run it for several issues. (months). Our readership changes constantly as new singles discover the paper itself and our web site edition, and many meet others and go steady or get married and are no longer reading the paper ( or web site) (darn it anyway!) It does not cost much more to run it for four issues than for one and frankly, you get many times the replies. What kind of people do I meet through these Singles personals? All kinds. You have built in protections in running an ad. The person replying knows that it is not a fast method; it does sometimes take days, so unless they are really looking for some type of serious relationship, this would not seem to be the logical way to go. They do put things in writing, which someone who is pulling the wool over your eyes will usually avoid. You can maintain control of the situation with them not even knowing who you are until you feel free to divulge that, etc.

It's a proven modern method of meeting people and we are rather delighted that it has been working out so well. To those of you who have been hesitant about trying it, may we say, give it a try!
    What have you got to lose but loneliness?
here are many out there who would like to meet that one and only you and have been reading the paper itself and the web site for sometime looking for someone like you....Send in your own personal today! The first month is free and runs in the next printed monthly edition of the newspaper and in just a few days is up on the web.  heart

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